Download this short animation of PODDS principles

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VCDM Intervention Planner - Excel spreadsheet used to generate maintenance profiles for VCDM application

@PODDS TRIAL SITES - shared spreadsheet for project management

@PODDS Trial Sites v1.0

@PODDS - project proposal

PODDS Compendium - examples of PODDS and associated project applications to current #PODDS project members. Not included is the ongoing support or extensive delivered learning, from bespoke and wider regular dissemination events that has facilitated improved and more rapid assimilation of concepts and operational strategies to support delivery. 

REF21 The REF (research Excellence Framework) is the UK's system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions. PODDS research has uncovered and validated the key synergies between in-pipe hydraulics, material accumulation processes and the role of microbial biofilms in drinking water discolouration.

PODDS visual summary* – a useful summary document to share PODDS understanding.

A research feature* suitable for a general audience about PODDS and titled 'How two engineers are solving the UK's number one water quality complaint'.


VCDM introductory course –  Powerpoint slides.

Steering group meetings